RVT Video


We are the only drop zone in Michigan with RVT Video Technology and scenic flights over Lake Michigan with every tandem jump!


We pioneered RVT, Revolutionary Video Technology, in 2000 because we believe that first-person point-of-view canopy video delivers the best videography. We capture the best views of you and your jump with panoramic shots and video that keeps you in the frame!

View Features

360 degree camera angle options
Panoramic shots from above and below with video of you in the frame

See the Experience from Five Camera Positions

Canopy Opening and Parachute Ride
Ground Approach

Video and Photo Pricing

  • RVT Video: $99 with credit card
  • RVT Video: $89 cash ($10 discount)
  • Sky Dive Photo: $99
  • Sky Dive Photo: $89 Cash ($10 discount)

Discounts: Students & Military

  • Video Discount: $79
  • Video Cash Discount: $69 Cash (additional $10 discount)

This discount does not apply to online bookings.