Drop Zone Manager and Tandem Skydive Instructor

"Jumping at Skydive Harbor Springs is beautiful. Not many drop zones are near water, let alone fly you over it! The changes in elevation and islands in the distance deliver a world-changing perspective."

Jumping since 2008, Trevor averages about 1000 jumps per year. His favorite place to jump is Z-Hills in Florida, where he trained with some of the best and most experienced in the business. Zephyrhills, Florida is where he mastered his favorite skydiving discipline, RW (Relative Work, or Belly Flying); Trevor says it's amazing to get a large group together in freefall, and the largest formation he has been part of was a group of 22 people!

Trevor enjoys interacting with people as a tandem instructor - watching people learn in the moment, the raw emotion, and the uncontainable excitement of those new to the sport. Trevor has jumped as many as 20 times in one day, jumping from sunrise to sunset.

In his down time, Trevor likes to chill at Sturgeon Bay near Mackinaw City, or spend an afternoon jumping off the breakwall in Petoskey, and then grab something to eat at Jose's, where authentic Mexican food is freshly prepared and served to order. Always appreciative of the amazing place he calls home, sometimes he enjoys simply hanging out with friends at the drop zone and exchanging music files. Trevor is never at a loss for something to do outdoors, or at one of the many unique shops or eateries nearby.

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