Ryan Seelye

Tandem Skydive Instructor

Ryan believes, "The best way to see Northern Michigan is from the air!"

Ryan did his first jump in 2008 and went to school to be a commercial pilot.  After landing a job flying jumpers for two seasons, he couldn't stand being in the plane anymore.  The addiction of jumping took hold and he shifted gears, becoming a tandem instructor.

In the off season, Ryan uses his piloting and jumping skills at other drop zones.  He'll visit DZ's in Florida, California, Arizona, and Virginia.  This keeps his skills sharp.  Ryan can't wait to learn how to jump in a wingsuit.  "A friend who does wingsuit jumps said its like jumping in a straight jacket.  I'd love learn that skill-set and double my freefall time."

When Ryan isn't in the sky, you can find him in the water wind surfing or at Andy's in Charlevoix grabbing an awesome sandwich.  He loves just hanging out in downtown Charlevoix with his fiance.

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